S-98 Keywords, Sounds and Spellings Book (size A4, 52 pages, for teachers and individuals)

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Product images: front and back cover and the keywords containing the sound /f/, as heard at the start of “fish” (sound-box 5) and /a/, as heard at the start of “ant” (sound-box 25).
  • Very useful teaching book, which replaces the discontinued playing cards and A5 cards (120 of each).
  • Ideal resource for teaching groups or classes about the sounds and spellings in words.
  • Large colourful cartoon pictures for all the keywords that contain the same sound.
  • Centre pages contain an A3 version of the two-sided S-46 English Spelling Chart A4 (which is normally encapsulated).
  • Contains over 400 keywords for locating the sounds: over 250 for the consonant sounds and over 150 for the vowel sounds.
  • Full colour, 52 pages, A4 book. 300gsm gloss laminated cover with 170gsm gloss pages.
  • Learners use the large pictures on the pages and the smaller pictures on the chart to provide the answers to three main questions: Where’s the keyword? Where’s the sound? What’s the spelling?
  • There is a Where? Where? What? Grid for each sound, providing the answers for all the relevant keywords. The first sound in a word or syllable is the Beginning (B) and the last sound is the End (E). Any other sounds are in the Middle (M).
  • A photocopiable ‘Keywords, Sounds and Spellings Worksheet’, for learners to use before discussing the answers, is available from the DOWNLOADS section of this website.
  • Learners can practise and revise all of Skills 1-10 explained in the S-97 Training Pack.
  • To revise Skills 7 and 8, learners can also state (for extra ‘points’) if the sound is present in any Consonant Blend (CB) or Rhyme (R) and if it is at the Beginning, Middle or End. These answers are also displayed in the sound grids.
  • Ideally, groups or classes should use or share encapsulated A4 or A5 charts (S-46 or S-75) and/or refer to the medium or large wallchart (S-48 or S-49), while the teacher uses the chart in the book and/or a wallchart.
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