S-96 THRASS Spelling Log (Handy logbook for Individuals)

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A handy logbook for storing over 600 words!
  • For primary and secondary school learners.
  • Which are the 'Best Letters' to practise visualising (picturing in your mind's eye) and naming?
  • Perhaps all the letters in a syllable, consonant blend, rhyme, keyspelling, non-keyspelling or sequence?
  • The logbook can be dated at the start of each new week.
  • Provides a running track record of the learner's 'Best Letters' to visualise when spelling particular words (related to the spelling errors found in written work and spelling tests).
  • Use the logbook with the English Spelling Chart (desk and/or class size) to utilise the building blocks.
  • Use the logbook with the S-94 English Spelling 500 Chart. The 500 basewords have been arranged in 49 word lists.  Consonant spellings are blue. Vowel spellings are red.
  • Laminated 300gsm gloss cover with space for 20 words on each of the 32 100gsm pages (over 600 words).
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