S-83 The English Keyspellings Chart A5 (handy two-sided deskchart for older learners)

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More Information
  • Use this A5 deskchart with the ENGLISH SPELLING CHART RESOURCES.
  • SIDE 1: The consonant keyspellings are blue and the vowel keyspellings are red.
  • Practise until you can demonstrate ‘Skills 1-10’ without needing the soundtracks.
  • Use the chart to revise the Raps, Skills and Questions and the 'Best Letters' in words.
  • Use the chart to spell the 1200 Group Words (S-58) by focusing on the 'Best Letters'.
  • ​Use the chart to spell words not known by sight by focusing on the 'Best Letters'.
  • Spelling Error: RIGHT SOUND-BOX. Reading Error: WRONG SOUND-BOX.
  • SIDE 2: The 500 basewords are listed in ten columns. In each baseword, the consonant spellings are blue and the vowel spellings are red.
  • Letters with more than one sound are black, as are the syllable-hyphens.
  • The asterisk is called the ‘catch-all’, as it ‘catches’ all the non-keyspellings that represent the same sound. Consonant catch-alls are blue and vowel catch-alls are red.
  • Use the chart to spell the ten lists of basewords by focusing on particular syllables, consonant blends, rhymes and/or spellings (the 'Best Letters') in each word.
  • Handy and robust visual reference for spelling and reading-related activities.
  • Full colour, two-sided (tumble turn), A5 chart. Encapsulated 300gsm gloss card.
  • Discounts for multiple purchases.
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