S-57 English Phonics 500 Chart A3 (Two-sided, class reference, 500 English Basewords)

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Size A3 is 297 x 420 mm. Learners soon start learning to spell the Hotwords, Keywords and Other Basewords (the 500 basewords) by first saying the word and then ‘Visualising & Naming’ all the letters in it. They say the word and then trace over and name (or form the letters in the air and name them) the letters in the keyspellings and/or non-keyspellings (using S-81 Keyspelling Overwrite Chart A4) until they can say the word and name all the letters without any hesitation.
Learners can also use the S-64 English Phonics 500 Book daily to read, spell and revise some or all of the words in one of the 49 lists, starting with the 100 Hotwords. They do this until they can read and spell all 500 basewords.

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