S-51 English Phonics Chart A4 (Two-sided, deskchart)

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This chart is also available with a yellow background instead of a blue background (see S-79 English Phonics Chart, ISBN 978-1-906295-79-0). The yellow version has a straight lower-case 'k', instead of the rounded lower-case 'k', and there is additional wording in a green and white vowel line about the associated yellow S-80 (English Keywords Book) and S-81 (Keypellings Ovewrite Chart) resources.

Full colour A4 deskchart, tumble turn (two-sided) and encapsulated.

There are 24 sound-boxes in the consonant section and 20 sound-boxes in the vowel section and they contain 120 keywords and keyspellings.

Ask your learners if they can say each keyword and the sound for the keyspelling? Get them to practise by pointing underneath each consonant keyword and the 1-1 (One to one), 2-1 (Two to one) or 3-1 (Three to one) blue keyspelling, as they ‘Say the keyword and the sound’ for the 60 keywords located in rows C1-C4 in the consonant section. Then ask them to do the same for the 60 vowel keywords and red keyspellings located in rows V1-V4 on the vowel section. Tumble turn the chart to move between the two sections.

Use the keywords and keyspellings to work out the sounds and spellings in the keywords, basewords and words not known by sight.

This chart is also available as one-sided wallcharts (in small, medium and large size) for reference by individuals, pairs, groups and classes in schools, homes and centres

Thes charts can also be used to practise the actions and wording in each of the eight phases of the English Phonics Skills Drill ("Skills Drill"), explained on pages 4-5 of the S-80 The English Keywords Book.

They can also be used to talk about and revise the pictures/keywords that are Animals, Things you can Eat, Parts of the Body and Pictures that contain the Same Colour, as explained on the back cover of S-80.

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