S-31 Spelling List Workbook (Spell the 500 English Basewords)

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The S64 English Phonics 500 Book and the S-57 English Phonics 500 Chart both contain the 500 basewords in 49 spelling lists. This workbook contains all of the lists - for learners to spell and write the words. It is an ideal resource for learners to practise and revise these important spellings - starting with the HOTWORDS!

Encourage your learners to use the ‘Say, NAME, Cover, Write, Check’ spelling procedure to spell all the words, starting with List 1. Learning to spell some of the Hotwords (or Keywords) can begin at any time (even pre-school with the help of a school-age brother or sister). 1.
SAY the word. 2. NAME the letters. Encourage your learners to repeatedly say the word and to ‘Overwrite & Name’ (or form in the air and name) only the letters that they cannot visualise or the letters over which they hesitate. They should be encouraged to do this until they can say the word and name ALL the letters with clarity and confidence. If a letter is part of a 2-letter, 3-letter or 4-letter spelling, they should be encouraged to overwrite and name all the letters in it, to help them recognise it in other words. 3. COVER the word. 4. WRITE the word. 5. CHECK the letters.
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