S-23 Sing-A-Long Songbook (size A4, 52 pages, for teachers and individuals)

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Product images: front and back cover and sound-songs 9 ('Ring the bell' for sound-box 9) and 40 ('The moon fell out of the sky' for sound-box 40).

A fun way to learn to read and spell English words
  • Very useful songbook, with large text and sound-boxes, for teaching groups or classes about the 44 sounds and 120 keyspellings of English.
  • Use this songbook with the S-24 SING-A-LONG CDs (Product Code S-24 ISBN 978-1-906295-24-0), two discs with over two hours of music. Sing-a-long with the soundtracks on the Vocal Disc, again and again, until your learners are so familiar with the sound-songs they can read the words to sing them using only the backing tracks on the Instrumental Disc.
  • A ‘whole-picture’ size A3 version of the 2-sided S-46 English Spelling Chart A4, which is normally encapsulated, is on the centre pages of this book.
  • Ideally, before and after singing each sound-song, encourage your learners to say the sound and then name the letter/s in each of the keyspellings.
  • If you think it is a good idea, use the S-98 Keywords, Sounds And Spellings Book, and a deskchart or wallchart to locate the sound and spellings in some or all of the keywords that contain the same sound.
  • Full colour, 52 pages, A4 book. 300gsm gloss laminated cover with 170gsm gloss pages.
  Musical Styles and Dance Rhythms
  • The S-24 SING-A-LONG CDs are also a good introduction to a large number of different musical styles and dance rhythms from around the world - as each sound-song has been written in a different musical style. These include African Round, blues, boogie, Charleston, disco, hard rock, Hawaiian, hip hop, Irish Dance, jazz, jive, pasodoble, pop, ragtime, reggae, twist and waltz.

You can download a Sing-A-Long Record Sheet for individuals or classes from Downloads.

S-12 Sing-A-Long Interactive Book Software -
04 My dog Spot (for 'd' and double 'd')
S-05 Move-A-Long with Sing-A-Long DVD -
43 Do you know I have a cow? (for 'ow' and 'ou')
S-24 Sing-A-Long CDs and
31 The oom pah pah melody, (for 'eer' and 'ear').

Keyspellings Sound-Box Number & Song Style/Rhythm
b bb 01 Fly little bird Hip Hop
c k ck ch q 02 Rock and roll jive Jive
ch tch 03 Been sitting on my chair 60’s 8 beat
d dd 04 My dog Spot 70’s Disco
f ff ph 05 I am a fish Reggae
g gg 06 My crazy Granny Country Waltz
h 07 Give me a high five Bubblegum Pop
j g ge dge 08 Please eat some jam, Giant Dixieland
l ll 09 Ring the bell Celtic Dance
m mm mb 10 Bruce the Mouse Country Shuffle
n nn kn 11 I’m gonna take my net Soul
ng n 12 Bring me my pen Baroque Concerto
p pp 13 You don’t get pandas in Africa African Round
r rr wr 14 I can’t go out to play today Twist
s ss se c ce 15 Saw you in the sun Hard Rock
s 16 Treasure have I Oriental Pop
sh ti ch 17 A scary man Secret Service
t tt 18 Drip, drip, tap Swing
th 19 Abantwana be Africa African
th 20 Beautiful feather Guitar Serenade
v ve 21 Children of the World Broadway Ballar
w wh u 22 My Chihuahua is a thirsty fella Mexican Dance
y 23 Yawn in the morning Sirtaki
z zz ze s se 24 It’s cold today Big Band
a 25 My name is Jean Pierre French Musette
a a-e ai ay 26 The music was so loud Swinging Boogie
air are 27 Disco hair 80’s Disco
ar a 28 A great big gorilla Charleston
e ea 29 Get outta bed  Hoedown
e ea ee ey y 30 Just me on the beach  Hawaiian
ear eer The oom pah pah melody  Ober Waltz
er ar or ure I had a teacher Bluegrass
a e i o u
er ir or ur 33 My teddy bear and I Typical 6/8
i e 34 Tin Can Man Sci-fi March
i i-e igh y 35 There is a bright shining tiger  Pentatonic
o a 36 Once upon a time Viennese Waltz
o oa o-e ow 37 Eskimos kiss with their nose Jazz Ballad
oi oy 38 My coin   Blues
oo u 39 I am reading a book  Pasodoble
oo ew ue 40 The moon fell out of the sky Ragtime
oor 41 I’m a Scottish dragon Highland Waltz
or a au aw oor 42 At six o’clock   Fun 4/4
ow ou 43 Do you know I have a cow? Irish Dance
u o 44 Riding along in the bus with ‘u’  u  o Orchestra Polka
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