S-05 Move-A-Long with Sing-A-Long DVD (World Premiere Concert of the 44 sound songs)

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A fun way for learners to recall what they have learnt about the sounds and keyspellings of English. Children at the ‘World Premiere Concert’, in Johannesburg, South Africa, sing the 44 sound songs wearing costumes and using actions. There are lots of opportunities for reading, as all the words are shown on screen. Children enjoy copying the dance actions and they can then create their own new routines! Duration: 80 mins.

You can download a Sing-A-Long Record Sheet for individuals or classes from Downloads.

S-05 Move-A-Long with Sing-A-Long DVD - 43 Do you know I have a cow? (for 'ow' and 'ou')
S-12 Sing-A-Long Interactive Book Software - 04 My dog Spot (for 'd' and double 'd')
School Performance - Limpopo, South Africa - 31 The oom pah pah melody, (for 'eer' and 'ear').

Keyspellings Sound-Box Number & Song Style/Rhythm
b bb 01 Fly little bird Hip Hop
c k ck ch q 02 Rock and roll jive Jive
ch tch 03 Been sitting on my chair 60’s 8 beat
d dd 04 My dog Spot 70’s Disco
f ff ph 05 I am a fish Reggae
g gg 06 My crazy Granny Country Waltz
h 07 Give me a high five Bubblegum Pop
j g ge dge 08 Please eat some jam, Giant Dixieland
l ll 09 Ring the bell Celtic Dance
m mm mb 10 Bruce the Mouse Country Shuffle
n nn kn 11 I’m gonna take my net Soul
ng n 12 Bring me my pen Baroque Concerto
p pp 13 You don’t get pandas in Africa African Round
r rr wr 14 I can’t go out to play today Twist
s ss se c ce 15 Saw you in the sun Hard Rock
s 16 Treasure have I Oriental Pop
sh ti ch 17 A scary man Secret Service
t tt 18 Drip, drip, tap Swing
th 19 Abantwana be Africa African
th 20 Beautiful feather Guitar Serenade
v ve 21 Children of the World Broadway Ballar
w wh u 22 My Chihuahua is a thirsty fella Mexican Dance
y 23 Yawn in the morning Sirtaki
z zz ze s se 24 It’s cold today Big Band
a 25 My name is Jean Pierre French Musette
a a-e ai ay 26 The music was so loud Swinging Boogie
air are 27 Disco hair 80’s Disco
ar a 28 A great big gorilla Charleston
e ea 29 Get outta bed  Hoedown
e ea ee ey y 30 Just me on the beach  Hawaiian
ear eer The oom pah pah melody  Ober Waltz
er ar or ure I had a teacher Bluegrass
a e i o u
er ir or ur 33 My teddy bear and I Typical 6/8
i e 34 Tin Can Man Sci-fi March
i i-e igh y 35 There is a bright shining tiger  Pentatonic
o a 36 Once upon a time Viennese Waltz
o oa o-e ow 37 Eskimos kiss with their nose Jazz Ballad
oi oy 38 My coin   Blues
oo u 39 I am reading a book  Pasodoble
oo ew ue 40 The moon fell out of the sky Ragtime
oor 41 I’m a Scottish dragon Highland Waltz
or a au aw oor 42 At six o’clock   Fun 4/4
ow ou 43 Do you know I have a cow? Irish Dance
u o 44 Riding along in the bus with ‘u’  u  o Orchestra Polka
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