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 Introductory Guide for Parents *
Our minimum P&P for the UK is usually £4.86 + VAT
('Signed-For' service).
 However, we also have a
'UK 1st Class for 1 to 4 A5/A4 Deskcharts ONLY'

delivery option costing £1.50 + VAT
(using a board-backed ‘Do not Bend’ envelope).
  • Colourful cartoon pictures and letters for nursery, primary and secondary children.
  • Used by individuals, groups, classes, year groups and whole schools.
  • All ages and abilities, including Gifted, English Additional Language and Dyslexics.
  • Easy-to-Learn terminology: sound, sound-box, keyspelling, non-keyspelling, spelling,
    1-1 "One to one", 2-1 "Two to one", 3-1 "Three to one", 4-1 "Four to one", rap.
RECOMMENDED MAIN RESOURCE (yellow background with a straight lower-case 'k')
  • S-97 English Spelling Chart Pack (S-87, S-75, S-77, S-76 - all at a 10% discount)
    (Training pack for Teachers, Assistants, Students and Parents - so you have a better understanding of what it is all about! This is the resource pack for our workshops.)
  • S-87  Tap or Clap the English Keywords Rap (A5 book, 40 pages, full colour)
  • S-75  English Spelling Chart A5 (Encapsulated A5 chart, tumble turn, full colour)
  • S-77  English Spelling Chart CD (70-minute CD, 9 tracks, spoken word)
  • S-76  English Spelling Chart Handbook (A5 book, 8 pages, full colour)
OTHER USEFUL RESOURCES (yellow background with a straight lower-case 'k')
  • S-46 English Spelling Chart A4 (Encapsulated A4 chart, tumble turn, full colour.)
  • S-81 Keyspelling Overwrite Chart A4 (Side 1: To help you visualise (picture) a keyspelling, trace over and name each of the letters in it. Side 2: Practise forming the lower-case and capitals, by tracing over the grey letters, both with and without saying the written instructions spoken on the T-51 Raps and Sequences CD - see below.)
  • S-93 24/20 Sound Chart A4 (Encapsulated A4 chart, tumble turn, full colour)
  • S-94 English Spelling 500 Chart A4 (On the ‘Lists Side’, the 500 basewords of English have been arranged in 49 Word Lists, which includes the 100 Hotwords (the first 10 lists), 120 Keywords (the next eight lists) and the '280 Words'. On the ‘Alphabetical Side’, the basewords have been arranged in alphabetical order. To help with the spelling of the basewords: consonant spellings are blue and vowel spellings are red; 2 or 3 blue spellings together in 1 syllable are a consonant blend (indicated by the blue sound dots); and the rhymes (the vowel and any consonants) are underlined.)
  • T-51 Raps And Sequences CD (Musical Raps and Spoken Sequences, including tracks for lower-case and capital letter formation and the 44 speech sounds. 4 samples: Keyword Rap, Letter Name Rap, Lower-case HandwritingSounds).
  • S-98 Keywords, Sounds and Spellings Book (Size A4, 52 pages. Large colourful cartoon pictures for all the keywords that contain the same sound.)


  • S-23 Sing-A-Long Songbook (Size A4, 52 pages. Very useful songbook, with large text and sound-boxes, for learning about the 44 sounds and 120 keyspellings of English. Use with the S-24 discs.)
  • S-24 Sing-A-Long CDs (Vocal Disc AND Instrumental Disc. 2 hours of music. Use with the S-23 Songbook.)

AND FOR DEAF CHILDREN (yellow background with a straight lower-case 'k')

Cued Speech makes it easier for deaf learners of all ages to understand and use English. It is a really good method for making spoken language visible and enables deaf babies, children and adults to see all the sounds of speech. Cued Speech can also help hearing learners who process information better through sight (including those with speech difficulties or dyslexia).

Free Posters & Docs e.g. '4 Thoughts Poster' and the 'Skills & Challenges Record Sheet'.

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